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Childrens Dentistry

Prevention starts Early

Breaking down the barriers, dentistry has changed over the years and the fear of visiting the dentist has become less and less. We recommend from 18 months onwards for young children to start visiting us and encourage a positive dental experience earning your childs trust. 

Early intervention with good oral hygiene and dietary at home will ensure that children don't experience dental decay or more complex and difficult treatment. 

Common preventative dentistry involves:

- Fissure Sealants 

- Fluoride treatment 

- Oral Hygiene Education with parents

- Dietary Analysis and advice

Have you heard of The Child Dental Benefit Scheme?

The Child Dental Benefit Scheme allows eligible children up to $1,026 over 2 calendar years for basic dental treatment from 0 to 17 years of age. This can cover part or the full cost of basic dental services for children such as:

- Check-ups

- Dental Radiographs

- Dental Cleans and polish

- Fissure Sealants

- Fillings

- Root Canal Therapy

- Extractions

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