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Mouthguard March

Updated: Feb 11, 2022

For the month of March, we here at The Quay Family Dental have joined forces with eviDent Foundation to raise funds and awareness of oral health and the importance of mouth guards in sport.

For every custom fitted mouthguard purchased in the month of March, we will donate $10 to the eviDent Foundation to assist them with their amazing research.

Why should I get a mouthguard?

When you have a custom fitted mouthguard, you are ensuring the best protection possible because of their close fit, cushioning effect to minimise the risk of injury to the teeth, jaw and gums and a long-lasting durability, not to mention the range of colours you can choose from.

Who needs a mouthguard?

Anyone can wear a mouthguard, for any sport or recreational activity. It has been reported that 44% of dental injuries come from cycling, skateboarding and scooter activities. With football, boxing, basketball, netball, cricket, soccer and hockey making up another 14%. So any sport that poses a risk of contact or falling can require a mouthguard for protection.

So lets join forces with eviDent Foundation, Melbourne Rebels, Melbourne Football Club and Tribute Boxing to raise funds for this incredible cause and BE FIT TO BE FEARLESS.

For more information, please head to the eviDent website or contact our clinic on 03 4216 6868.

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