Dentist Office

Industry Leading Health Services

Comprehensive Check-ups

- Scale and clean/ Gum Disease treatment

- Fluoride applications 

- Sealants

- Complimentary Oral Hygiene Sessions

Children's Dentistry

- Regular Check-up and Cleans

- Fluoride Applications

- Sealants

- Hall Technique

- Fillings

- Space Maintainers

- Removable Orthodontic Appliance

- Mouthguards

Restorative Dentistry

- Fillings

- Inlay/ Onlay

- Crown 

- Bridge

- Dentures

- Root Canal Therapy

Emergency Dentistry

Emergency appointments available every day to help you  if you are experiencing:

- Severe Pain

- Swelling

- Trauma/ Sport injury 

- Broken Denture

- Lost Crowns/ Veneers


Cosmetic Dentistry

- Teeth Whitening: In Dental Chair or take home kit

- Veneers: Resin or Ceramic

Invisalign/ Smilefast

Smilefast-  A Smarter way to a new Smile using clear braces and the best mechanics to move your teeth fast in a predictable and efficient way. 



Invisalign-  Nearly invisible treatment that uses custom-made removable aligners to gently yet effectively straighten your teeth.